Hi, I need help with essay on Change Model Assessment in XYZ Inc. Paper must be

Hi, I need help with essay on Change Model Assessment in XYZ Inc. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The term change is recognized in every business organization. The management of change in organizations can vary according to the type of business, involvement of employees or type of change. The major part of change relies on how the employees in an organization understand the procedure playing a vital role in determining their acceptance for such alterations. In case of XYZ Inc the type of change is defined by the expansion of the business. In the short term the company plans to open new branch in China and in long term the company will pursue for further expansion in countries such as Brazil, Russia and India.
In order to control the short term change process, XYZ, Inc can apply Kurt Lewins ‘Change Management Model’. Kurt Lewin has developed a unique change theory which consists of three distinct phases.
Unfreeze: ‘Unfreeze’ is the first phase of change according to the model. In this phase, XYZ, Inc can find appropriate method to make employees understand the requirement for change in business. XYZ, Inc will need to develop the desire for change by providing appropriate justification such as increasing sales or high financial prospects among other factors (Kaminski, 2011).
Refreeze: Refreeze is the ultimate phase of change where XYZ, Inc will intend to establish new business practices and new organizational procedures. It will be conducted through supportive instruments such as new strategies and concrete alignment of new system for new workforces (Kaminski, 2011).
In the long-term, XYZ, Inc can follow the John Kotters ‘Eight Step Change Model’. In the long run, XYZ, Inc. needs to develop system oriented change. At the first phase, XYZ, Inc. will require generating a feeling of urgency among employees about change. It can further help to prompt them towards change.

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