Hi, I need help with essay on Critical about the book Design for the real world.

Hi, I need help with essay on Critical about the book Design for the real world. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Factors such as market preference always overshadow the ability of the designer to achieve full potential of any plan conceived. In turn most designers will seek to satisfy the market preferences first rather than the moral and social responsibility. This trend is common with many designers and it has been so for the last few years.
It paramount that checks and balances are put in place to protect the designs from deviating so much into the markets.
It is very easy for a designer to be consumed by the happenings of a market, so much that he forgets to put in his social and moral responsibility to the society. What this means is that the designs that the particular designer will be dealing with will have more of a sales direction rather than the ethics and responsibilities to nature and humanity. Now the role of a designer as an advocate does not exist. Things are put in the market for the reason that someone or some entity fells that there might be some remittance from introducing a new product. For example, a chair manufacturing company will introduce a new chair to the market only to get some extra coins from the sales. The designers will have to come up with new designs that are not in the market now. Some of the social and moral responsibilities will be broken in order for them to come up with the perfect design. The design might not be perfect but as long as it satisfies the market needs, the bosses will authorize the sales of the chair.
As it, turn out consumer testing must be done on the product before sales are incited. Testing is done regularly on the chairs by asking a group of people to sit on the chair for long hours to see if one of the legs will crumble under the pressure. Sometimes comfort is not in the mind of a designer who is market oriented. They will dress these chairs in attractive colors and offer them at triple the price of production. The thing that the designer does not put into considerations is that

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