Hi, I need help with essay on New Jim Crow. Paper must be at least 750 words. Pl

Hi, I need help with essay on New Jim Crow. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
This source supports the fact that new Jim Crow is prevalent in our society even though not readily accepted by the community. This book assists the reader to understand that racism has taken a new form from the previous practices.
This article critically examines the height of racism and how racial biasness has taken a new course through criminal justice. It talks about the challenges faced by the blacks because of their skin color and socioeconomic class they are purported to belong to. It goes further to discuss the role of race and class in criminal justice and points out why belonging to the second-class results to unequal justice with the whites. This article supports the argument that new Jim Crow has taken root in our society through mass incarceration, whereby it states how blacks’ imprisonment is seven times that of whites (Cole 22). This argument is supported by the findings in this publication that found why for every one black graduate from college, 100 have been arrested. It also tends to support the argument that racism still exists in many forms. It points out how crime has been used to victimize the minority.
This book highlights and genuinely talks about the flawed Justice System in US. It critically questions the trust of American criminal justice system that for a very long time has been praised by many for being fair and equal to all. This book argues that racial biasness is present although it has been disguised form the rest of the world by freedoms and rights stipulated by the constitution. It shows the degree of unequal treatment by the justice system and links the police to enhancing this biased treatment of the blacks. This book explains how 70% of drivers stopped in Maryland and searched were blacks and how they only constitute to only 17.5% of the overall drivers (LCCR & LCEF 3). This book seems to concur with the argument that new Jim Crow is prevalent in the modern US society, by pointing how

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