Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Philosophy (practical ethics)

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Philosophy (practical ethics).
In this brief paper, Mackinnon’s arguments are analyzed in the light of the possible consequences censorship of pornography can create.
Before looking at Mackinnon’s attitude to pornography, it is essential to see what pornography really means. The traditional view is that pornography is any sexually explicit material that generates sexual arousal in the consumers.
As it encourages sexual promiscuity and as it is morally and religiously bad, it should not be permitted in society. It has been seen as an affront to decent family life. It destroys valuable institutions like family, and also it spoils human character. The traditional view is seen as patriarchal. Those who believe in this view are not worried about women’s oppression caused by pornography. But women, like Mackinnon, find pornography as an extreme form of harassment to women. According to her, the central issue of pornography is the oppression of women. There are certain vital issues, says Mackinnon, emerging from the production of pornography, which will come up for discussion below. The greatest harm done, feels Mackinnon, is the inequality it creates.
Mackinnon’s efforts are to empower women with legal powers, knowing well that the production of pornography is basically the result of the traditional male view of a woman. In one sense, pornography is speech. And it is not mere speech but action. And the action is seen in two forms. The first is when pornography is produced, and the second is when it is viewed. Therefore, in her ordinance which she drafted, she stressed the need to see resistance to pornography as a civil right. Mackinnon has been severely criticized for this because it goes against the First Amendment. “The First Amendment is founded on the proposition, set forth so beautifully by J.S. Mill in On Liberty, that good speech ultimately drives out bad” (Spectacle). Mackinnon’s attempt to see racial equality with woman’s equality

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