Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic Should Illegal Immigrants Be G (1)

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Should Illegal Immigrants be given Drivers Licenses.

By allowing the immigrants the right to have the license can help the government to have proper documentation on illegal immigrants. The defenders of the debate also think that the act of allowing the illegal immigrants to have the road licenses will help prevent the recurrence of the immigration fraud that facilitated their entry and stays in the United States. Licensing process helps in the documentation of the road users in terms of the residential area and other information. So, one can see that proper documentation can help both the illegal immigrants and the government authorities. For this reason, the documentation of the immigrants is a good reason for allowing them to have the license. The documentation of the immigrant (will) also helps them access motor insurance. It means that in the event that there is an accident. the involved parties will be ready for any problem. To be specific, most of the immigrants may be may be less willing to take up the licenses because they suspect that this will expose their fraudulence related to immigration. Besides, this keeps most of the immigrants away from proper documentation related to immigration. The fact that the plan of the information will expose their fraud stay does not appeal to the immigrants that often have to risk driving without the license.

One can see that the denial of the right to access of licenses by the immigrants does not help in the prevention of illegal immigration. It is difficult to prevent illegal immigration by denying motor licenses to the illegal immigrants.

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