Hi, need to submit a 4500 words essay on the topic A Strategic Marketing Assignm

Hi, need to submit a 4500 words essay on the topic A Strategic Marketing Assignment on Etisalat.
The telecom industry of the Middle Eastern countries has seen a continuous growth. A forecast by Informa Telecoms and Media shows that the year 2009 will continue to see a constant growth, with almost 28.68 million net inclusions into the mobile market this year. The market is very wide and has as many as almost 250 million mobile subscribers and is expected to reach as high as 250.79 million by the end of 2009 . Company Information:The Company:Etisalat is one of the oldest telecom providers in UAE. It is headed by Mohammad Al Qamzi, the CEO. The company was incorporated in 1976 and has become a part of the Financial Times Top 500 Corporation. In terms of the capitalization and revenues, this company stands on the 6th position in the Middle East. This is the only other largest contributor other than the oil sector, in the development programs of the UAE federal Government. It has also been awarded for being a socially responsible corporation. Etisalat has also been honored for the nationalization programme . Etisalat offers a number of different products and services. They have a wide variety of products in their portfolio, which totals to almost a hundred and fifty. These include items like the fixed lines, mobiles, and value added services for businesses and consumers. This does not include the additional products and services that are provided by the company to people with special needs . Etisalat’s main region of functioning is in UAE and Iran.

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