Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Overexercising or Not Exercisi

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Overexercising or Not Exercising.
As a result of it, obesity related health problems are common at present. Exercising is essential for both physical and mental development. It is necessary to burn out the excess calories from our body in order to avoid unwanted fat deposits in our body. These extra fat contents can cause severe physical health problems like high blood pressure,
cholesterol, diabetics, cardiac problems etc. “Regular physical exercise is essential for the well being of an individual’s health. Physical idleness is the most widespread threat factor for heart diseases. Heart disease in men and women can be linked to a lack of physical exercise. Lack of exercise gives rise to a number of physical ailments including obesity” (Lack of exercise)
The industrial revolution has contributed lot of inventions which reduce the scope for physical activities. For example, the invention of motor vehicles and the wide use of it for the transportation of people and goods have reduced the physical activities. Walking was the most common mean used for covering short distances earlier which has given the common man the much needed physical exercises. But as per the current trends, vehicles are used to cover even 100 meters of distance. New machineries invented have reduced the physical efforts considerably at home and workplace. For example, in order to prepare land for cultivation earlier people worked hard manually. On the other hand, at present machineries like tractors are used to prepare the land for cultivation which again reduced the opportunity for exercises.
In increased influence of media on human life is another reason for lack of exercises in human life at present. The internet and television like mediums has encouraged people to spent more time in front of them and as a result the time normally people used for physical workouts have been robbed by these medias. Earlier,

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