Hi There 1 A Stream Flowing At 20

Hi there

1.     A stream flowing at 20.0 m3/sec has a tributary flowing into it at 3 m3/sec, The ferric chloride concentration above the juncture is 10 mg/l and the tributary concentration is 15 mg/l, assume complete mixing of the ferric chloride:

a.     Find the downstream concentration of the ferric chloride. Show your calculations and schematic of the stream conditions and configuration.

2.     De minimis Risk:

a.     Define de minimis risk and give 2 examples.

b.     Why is de minimis risk significant?

c.      How is it determined?

d.     How is it used in risk assessment

3.     Think of an industrial, educational, or other setting:

a.     Name that setting and list five chemicals that are used.

b.     Describe how those chemicals are used.

c.      List specific routes of exposure to each of those chemicals in that setting.

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