Hi There More Sec 10 K Questions The Financial Statements For Your Company Are U

Hi there!

More SEC 10-K questions…

The financial statements for your company are usually posted in Item 8 of the SEC 10-K document. Search for the auditor’s report.

What is the name of the auditor? Viewing their signature, what city do you see?

The first page of the SEC 10-K is very standard and lists two key locations. Using this information, post the state of incorporation and the city and state of the corporate headquarters for your SEC 10-K.

Returning to Item 8, near the auditor’s report (this is the letter they sign, giving their opinion on whether the financial statements are fairly presented in adherence with U.S. GAAP), locate the letter regarding internal control. This letter is signed by the company’s management. What are their names and titles?

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