Hi You Answered 2 Questions For Me Yesterday Using Excel However I Do Not Under

Hi- You answered 2 questions for me yesterday using excel. However, I do not understand how to apply the answers from excel to answer the questions to submit. I believe you responded and advised that you will be able to provide me the answers this morning. I’m confirming you will do so. If possible, as soon as possible, the assignment was due yesterday. Below are the questions to answer referring back to the excel data you created.is it possible to include the answers within the below format:Question 2 a)Moving average forecast for year 13 MAD for part a b)Weighted moving average forecast for year 13MAD for part bRecommended forecast method:Question 3 R-squared for Linear modelR-squared for quadratic modelRegression formula for linear modelRegression formula for quadratic modelWorkShow all your work for the questions below.Question 1Show the errors you calculatedQuestion 2Show the two forecasts and the errorsQuestion 3Show the regression output tablesThank you

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