Homework Chapter 9 Homework Score 0 Of 1 Pt 9 Of 13 9 Complete V Hw Score 23 9 O

a. ​(enter your responses rounded to the nearest whole​ number).

Homework: Chapter 9 Homework Score: 0 of 1 pt { 9 of 13 (9 complete) V ) HW Score: 69.23%, 9 of 13 pts Problem 10 5; Question Help Q After graduating from college, you and your friends start selling birdhouses made from recycled plastic. The idea has caught on, as shown by the following salesfigures. 3 Click the icon to view the sales data. a. Prepare forecasts for June through September by using a three-period moving average model (enter your responses rounded to the nearest whole number). 0 More Info Demand1401,9102,0304,3103,540 Enter your answer in the answer box —5’330 ®