Homework Sec 7 3 Applications Of Lp Save Score 0 Of 1 Pt 5 Of 11 8 Complete Hw S


I NEED THE ANSWER PLEASE and the explanation

Homework: Sec 7.3 Applications of LPSaveScore: 0 of 1 pt5 of 11 (8 complete)HW Score: 62.88%, 6.92 of 11 pts7.3.9-BEKevin is an auto mechanic. He spends 2 hours when he replaces the shocks on a car and 2 hours when he replaces the brakes. He works no more than 54 hours aweek. He routinely completes at least 2 shocks replacements and 6 brake replacements a week. If he charges $500 for labor replacing shocks and $250 in labor forreplacing brakes, how many jobs of each type should he complete a week to maximize his income?Kevin should doshock replacements andbrake replacements every week to maximize his weekly income.