Homework10 Problem 8 1 Point A Psychology Professor Asked Her Sophomore Students

H10P8 need help with this question an easy understanding step by step explanation is good!thank you!

Homework10: Problem 8 {1 point) A psychology professor asked her sophomore students "Does either of your parents allow you to drinkalcohol around him or her?" and when drinking {not necessarily around your parent] "How many drinks do youtypically have per session?" {For these purposes, a drink is defined as a 12 oz. beer, a 4oz. glass of wine, or aone oz. shot of liquor.) The next IBDIES CIDI’IIHlI’IS the TESPDHSES flCIIT’I female SIUGEI’IIS WHO are "(It HDSIElI’IElS. Drinks per session for students whose parent allows them to drinklllllllllllllll 1"? 48663534?3.52 533642?58 EIIIIIIIIIIEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEI Drinks per session for students whose parents do not allow them to drink EIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEIIIIIIIIIEIEEIIII If you treat these students as an SR3, construct a 90% confidence interval for the population proportion ofsophomore college students at least one of whose parents allows them to drink around him or her. Do both thelarge sample and the plus four procedure. Large Sample:Lower confidence level: Upper confidence level: Plus four method:Lower confidence level: Upper confidence level: