Hospital Costs To Implement Refer To The Scenario For A Midwest Community Hospit

Hospital Costs to Implement

Refer to the Scenario for a Midwest Community Hospital, located in Appendix 26-A

Part 1 of the assignment: Within this scenario the productivity loss for the six-month learning period is calculated to be $1,233. Beginning with month #1 at $353 ($1.41 times 250 equals $353), compute the cost of productivity loss for the remaining five months as explained in the scenario, to total an overall amount of $1,233. Be prepared to show and explain your computations.

Part 2 of the assignment: Later in the scenario CMS states that the hospital’s total cost amounts to $303,990. Study the explanation and summarize the totals of each type of cost discussed. When you are finished your total should amount to $303,990. Be prepared to show and explain how you arrived at this total.

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