How Are Biodiversity Patterns Related To Speciation Processes

fariFile Edit View History Bookmarks WindowHelp< >Gquestions.packback.coC110 :..BIO 102 Test.Create a New…FilesCalendarPrinciples of…UTK EmailSign In | Pear…Asked by Blake E PalmerStudent at University of TennesseeHow are biodiversity patterns related to speciationprocesses?As of now scientists have named about 1.5 million species on Earth but estimate that 5to 100 million species exist. Speciation plays a huge and urgent role in research nowdue to the high amount of animals going extinct or becoming endangered. According tothe textbook speciation is defined as the evolution of two or more distinct species froma single ancestral species. As species become known and more species are found ourbiodiversity continues to grow, and it will continue to grow since there are so manyspecies that have not been named. Even though we have many unknown species wereare running into huge problems regarding the species we do have named. Due tohuman made threats, many animals face extinction so we will have less species.According to Roger K. Butlin, Jon R. Bridleand Dolph Schluter “It [speciation] can occur ina single step, such as bypolyploidy, or it may occur by a gradual series of allelicsubstitutions at multipleloci. It can happen as a by-product of adaptation to contrastingniches orenvironments, or it can happen without any adaptation at all.” These forms ofspeciation are impacting our biodiversity but in what ways?Source: PM, 9/22/2019 % Options+ Add ResponsewillMacBook Pro