How Can I Summarize This Paragraph Another Emotion Related To Awkward Feelings I

How can I summarize this paragraph

Another emotion related to awkward feelings is guilt, which makes you feel bad about your behavior and motivates you to repair the social damage: to apologize, clean up a spill, or pay for something you have damage. All of these responses to your social missteps help you assure others that you understand what you have done wrong, you feel remorseful , and you are taking action to make thing right. Both embarrassment and guilt help us recover from awkward acts because they show others that we “get it”. that is, there are outward signs that we are aware that we have violated a social rule and we feel bad about any inconvenience to others. [Source: Ty Tashiro, AWKWARD: The science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why that’s awesome, page 74]