Hs220 Medical Coding And Insurance Discuss Listed Topic Below Research The Topic

HS220: Medical Coding and InsuranceDiscuss listed topic below, research the topic, and bring to the discussion your summaries of your research for that topic. Initial discussion responses should be around 150 words. Responses to your classmates or instructor should be around 75 words. Post two or more responses to classmates that are thoughtful and advance the discussion. Sources must be cited for all outside information used and quotations marks included where appropriate.You are assigned to help Ruth, a new employee, learn to use the codes in your medical office. She doesn’t understand coding to the highest level of certainty and coding to the highest level of specificity. Use patient and coding examples to teach Ruth the two concepts.What impact does the ICD-9-CM have on health care and medicine in today’s world?Why is it important to code to the highest level of certainty and highest level of specificity?