Hsc3002 Project Due 4 8 3pgs Please Include References Please No Plagiarism

HSC3002 Project due 4/8—-3pgs *Please include references-

*Please no plagiarism, No copy / paste. Please Answer all questions*

Health Hazards due to Air and Water Pollution

Water is an essential element of life on earth. A human being can survive for only about one week without water. As the global population expands and increasing industrialization creates ever-growing demands for water, supply of this vital commodity has become endangered. Just as water, clean air is an essential element for the survival of life on earth. Air that is polluted can endanger our health and cause damage to trees, wildlife, and property.

Conduct research on the topic, “Various Health Hazards Caused by Water and Air Pollution.”

· What are the hazardous substances that may be found in drinking water and what are their impacts on our health?

· Describe how water is made safe for human consumption.

· Epidemiologic analyses have demonstrated a correlation between an increase in total daily mortality and an increase in air pollution. Provide examples to explain how historically significant fatal air pollution episodes (that were characterized by extreme increases in air pollution) lead to increase in mortality.

· Describe how greenhouse gases contribute to the greenhouse effect.

· Explain the term “global warming” and present arguments in favor of and against the proposition that global warming has occurred during the past century. What environmental outcomes have been attributed to global warming?

PHE3025 – Project- 3pgs * include references

*Please no plagiarism, No copy / paste. Please Answer all questions*

Threats to Validity of Research

In this assignment, you will identify the various threats to the validity of a proposed research topic.

*Impact of infectious diseases on public health*

· A list of topics that you have selected and provide a rationale for your choice.

· At least three specific research questions (hypotheses) on which your research proposal will be based.

· The research method for your research proposal. Your research method should explain how you intend to obtain your results, including information on the type of research and sampling plan.

· The different types of threats to validity and a brief explanation of the threats that are appropriate for your research design.

· Specify strategies for minimizing the identified threats to validity.

· A project plan with a detailed equipment list.