I D There Are Axioms Of Li L That Assert The Existence Of All Subjects Of Any Ge

I have worked through (ci) and (cii) as follows. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

P(1) = {∅,{1}}={∅,{∅}}={0,1} is ordinal 2, there it is the same as ordinal 2?

P(P(1))={∅, {∅}, {{1}}, {∅,{1}}} this I’m not sure what ordinal is this?

Not sure how to do c(iii)?

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I’D! There are axioms of LI’L that assert the existence of all subjects of any get S, andalso the existence of the " power act" PIGj, the set of all these allacts .(i) Pill has two members. Is it the same as ordinal ? ?lilj PIPII’ll has four members . Is it the same as ordinal 1 !lili! How many members has PIPIRILYji ?’ DON’T Write ant this get in full!