I Decided To Settle For Two Articles Both From The New York Times Is One Of The

I decided to settle for two articles both from the New York Times is one of the American greatest magazines. Although, I did not concentrate on one column after doing intensive research I was able to pick two different trending events that have hit the media platform for the last few days. One of which is the scandal that revolves around Facebook due to its increased number of users or subscribers.

The issue of Facebook is a very significant matter being one of the biggest online platforms. Most organizations and industries have subscribed to it and going by the current trend of its possible scandal most business is bound to suffer manylosses. According to the magazine report, it is clear that the latest earnings report shows that its scandal is beginning to hurt finally. As a result, the growth in the number of users alongside advertisement has diminished, and the company does not expect any significant improvement as they used to get, particularly in the line of their expenditure, which is more on security and privacy. I think this more is threatening to the ethical picture of the industries involved in online business through Facebook.

The second matter that I captured in the trending world was the case of rising wages in Europe. This is because with the increasing rate of wages the Europe Central Bank has been able to acquire the high level of confidence to put to an end its major stimulus measure. The article describes the situation that has been happening in decades since the financial crisis, where much of the global economy has recovered and has been able to acquire their stability status. Most companies have been able to record a growth regardingprofit margin, joblessness levels are dropping, and the entire world growth is back on the right track. I think based on the article the economic puzzle has ramifications for world politics as well as capital stability. On the other hand, the Resentment among middle-and lower-employees and there is a feeling that workers do not get an equal share of the said economic growth.