I Desperately Need An A On This Paper By Today So Please Serious Inquires Only I

I desperately need an A on this paper by today so please serious inquires only. I have the instructions here below and I will also attach the slide show we went over in class on the Roman empires and Roman mythology since the paper will talking about the Roman empires and how the Roman mythology religion influenced the empire of your choosing.

Research Paper: Using the religion you researched for your group project, choose a major empire. (Which was Roman Mythology Religion)

Question: How did religion impact the success or decline of this empire and its society? (You can choose something from the slideshow to stem your ideas off of preferably but if not it’s fine as long as it fits the criteria).

Create a thesis argument – “Religion A” impacted “Empire A” through “example 1,” “example 2,” and “example 3” as revealed by “research fact” and “research fact.”

You will compose a 4-5 page paper (no less than 4 FULL pages, no more than 5).

You must use 3 secondary sources (textbook, articles, books, websites, etc.) and 2 primary sources (religious texts, diaries, laws, etc.)

MLA or APA citations , 12 point font Times New Roman, double spaced with regular margins.

See Purdue OWL website for citation assistance:


Hopefully all the information I provided can be of some assistance. If I get an A on this paper I will tip on cash app or venmo an extra $15.