I Do Not Have The Book Plz Research In Google 2 Question Each One Need 250 Words

i do not have the book plz research in google, 2 question, each one need 250 words

upload 2 words.doc total 2 pages

1.In Morality and the Professional Life, Brincat and Wike discuss Responsibility as a central moral value. In particular, from reading pages 348-355, consider a responsibility as a concept and as a matter of practice. Be able to define what responsibility is and what it involves.

Then, think of a time when you particular responsibility (you may have had many, but focus on what you see as a particularly important one). Consider your involvement in any group or organizational setting. What was your responsibility? How did it involve connection to other people? Why do you see it as a meaningful responsibility? What did you learn from having that responsibility? In other words, what was the commitment involved in holding that responsibility. Please be specific in responding to these questions.

2 After reading the essay Moral Responsibility within the Corporation, pages 396-403, what does the author indicate are the responsibilities within in the corporation? Select the one responsibility from those that are discussed, that you feel is most important. What have you chosen and why? Please provide an example.