I Do Not Understand

Lesson CheckDo you know HOW?Do you UNDERSTAND? CPRACTICESUse the graph for3. How can the definition of congruence in terms ofExercises I and 2.rigid motions be more useful than a definition of1. Identify a pair ofcongruence that relies on corresponding anglescongruent figures andand sides?write a congruenceC 4. Reasoning Is a composition of a rotation followed by astatementglide reflection a congruence transformation? Explain.2. What is a congruence@ 5. Open Ended What is an example of a board game intransformation thatwhich a game piece is moved by using a congruencerelates two congruenttransformation?figures?Practice and Problem-Solving Exercises @ FIXENCE’SA PracticeFor each coordinate grid, identify a pair of congruent figures.See Problem 1 and 2.Then determine a congruence transformation that maps thepreimage to the congruent image.2C BSIn Exercises 9-11, find a congruence transformation that mapsSee Problem 3.ALMN to ARST.9.10.11.AM2RR