I Have A Logarithm Problem Urgent Its A Table That Needs To Be Filled Out

Problem 5 on the attached file. I have a logarithm problem. Urgent: I need help with a richter scale problem. Its a table that needs to be filled out. If you can help me with the first line and show your work in detail I will be able to follow your lead and figure out the rest. I am just horrible at this do not understand it well as I have a brain injury. the formula given is M is approx equal to 0.6667log(E/E_0) to get the richter scale magnitude of an earthquake, M. Round answer to one decimal place. List 1 is labeled E: first value is 0.5 *10^6 List 2 is labeled x=E/E_0: first value is 0.5 * 10^1.2List 3 is labeled with the formula M is approx equal to M(x) =~0.6667log(x) so we have to solve for column or list 3. here is what i got for the first values log(0.5 * 10^1.2) = ~log(0.5) + 1.2 =~ -0.301029995664 +1.2=~ 0.898970004336 = x but then how do i use this function to complete the chart once i have gotten (x)?Thank you in advance!