I Need Answers For The 20 Questions Below Multiple Choice Questions 1 Driving Wh

I need answers for the 20 questions below:””MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS1. Driving while intoxicated, Jana causes a car accident that results in thedeath of Kevin. Jana is arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter,a third degree felony. This type of felony is punishable bya. death.b. life imprisonment.c. up to five years’ imprisonment.d. up to ten years’ imprisonment. 2. Desi reaches into Edna’s pocket and takes her money, without herconsent and without her immediate awareness. Unlike robbery, pickingpockets does not involvea. breaking and entering.b. force or fear.c. large amounts of money.d. weapons. 3. Mariah takes off her ring and places it on her desk while she works.Without her knowledge or consent, her coworker Nita picks up the ring,puts it on, and walks away. Nita has likely committeda. burglary.b. larceny.c. robbery.d. no crime. 4. On the orders of their corporate employer, Della and Efron, employees ofFabulous Fashionista, a clothing store, switch trademarks on clothingthat comes into the store to be sold to consumers. This is most likelya. forgery.b. larceny.c. robbery.d. no crime. 5. In relation to Edie’s solicitation of investors in a nonexistent business,she is charged with “mail fraud.” This requires, among other things,a. claiming that an item is “in the mail” when it is not.b. deceiving postal authorities as to the content of an item of mail.c. depositing items in the postal system without proper postage.d. mailing or causing someone else to mail a writing. 6. Val, the owner of Wild Wheels, a bicycle store, trusts Xavier to managethe store’s daily cash flow. One night, without Val’s knowledge orconsent, Xavier takes and keeps $500 from the receipts. This is mostlikelya. embezzlement.b. larceny.c. robbery.d. no crime. 7. Ann, an employee of Beta, Inc., pays Curt, an employee of Beta’s competitorDelta Company, for a secret Delta pricing schedule. This may bea. an effective marketing strategy.b. commercial bribery.c. creative legal bookkeeping.d. money laundering. 8. Dina, a businessperson, is charged with RICO offenses. Dina may besubject to penalties under RICO only if shea. committed two or more certain federal or state crimes.b. has never been convicted of a crime.c. intends to commit future RICO offenses.d. was previously convicted of a crime. 9. Sandy, a businessperson, is convicted of RICO offenses. Sandy’s penaltiesmay includea. closing her business but not forfeiting its assets or selling it.b. forfeiting business assets but not closing or selling the business.c. selling her business but not closing it or forfeiting its assets.d. closing her business, forfeiting its assets, or selling it. 10. Becky is thirteen years old and is charged with a misdemeanor. In moststates, Becky will be treated asa. a minor and tried in a juvenile court.b. an adult and tried in a regular court.c. an infant and punished without a trial.d. incapable of criminal conduct and tried after he turns eighteen. 11. Toby commits a criminal act while intoxicated. Involuntary intoxicationmay be a defensea. if it makes a person incapable of understanding an act is wrong.b. if it removes a person’s normal social inhibitions.c. under any circumstances.d. under no circumstances. 12. Yvon is charged with the crime of theft for taking Zack’s briefcase, whichYvon mistakenly thought was hers. A mistake of fact is a defensea. if the fact was not reasonably made known to the public.b. if the mistake negates the mental state necessary to commit acrime.c. if the perpetrator was intoxicated.d. under any circumstances. 13. Ethan, the president of Financial Investments, Inc. (FII), and Gina, FII’saccountant, are charged with a crime, after the police search FII’soffices. Under the exclusionary rulea. certain FII records are excluded from subpoena by thegovernment.b. certain parties to a criminal action may be excluded from a trial.c. illegally obtained evidence must be excluded from a trial.d. persons who have biases that would prevent them from fairly decidingthe case may be excluded from the jury. 14. Jim is indicted. Before he is arrested, he confesses to the crime in aconversation with Kelly, the arresting officer. Kelly then arrests Jimand advises him of the right to counsel. Jim waives the right and repeatshis confession. Later, Jim claims that his initial statement should beexcluded as evidence from his trial. Under the ruling in Fellersv. United States, the statement will most likely bea. admitted because Jim knew he did the crime and confessed.b. admitted because Jim repeated it after being advised of his rights.c. excluded because a confession is not admissible in a criminal trial.d. excluded because it was elicited before Jim was advised of hisrights. 15. Lara is indicted. Mac, the arresting officer, advises Lara of her right tocounsel. Lara waives the right and confesses to the crime. Later, Laraclaims that her confession should be excluded as evidence from her trial.Under the ruling in Fellers v. United States, the statement willmost likely bea. admitted because Lara knew she did the crime and confessed.b. admitted because Lara made it after being advised of her rights.c. excluded because a confession is not admissible in a criminal trial.d. excluded because it was elicited before Lara was advised of herrights. 16. According to the United States Supreme Court in Miranda v.Arizona, an individual must be apprised of certain of his or her rightswhenever the individual isa. arraigned in a court.b. imprisoned in a jail.c. sentenced for a crime.d. taken into custody. 17. According to the United States Supreme Court in Miranda v.Arizona, an individual must be apprised of certain of his or her rightsa. after any questioning.b. at any time during questioning.c. only in the absence of questioning.d. prior to any questioning.18. Roy owns Roy’s Cafe. A fire destroys the cafe, and Roy is arrested on suspicionof setting it to collect the insurance. At the time of the arrest, Royis not informed of his rights. Any statement Roy makes will beadmissiblea. in all circumstances.b. in some circumstances.c. in no circumstances.d. regardless of the circumstances. 19. Mike is arrested at a warehouse in North Industrial Park. A governmentprosecutor issues a formal charge against Mike for receiving stolenproperty. This charge isa. an arraignment.b. an indictment.c. an information.d. an inquisition. 20. Ben is a computer technician with the skills to hack into any unprotectedcomputer. The Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraudand Abuse Act of 1984 prohibits Ben from obtaining unauthorized accesstoa. any government information.b. no government information.c. restricted government information.d.unrestricted government information. ”