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The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:

1. How to work with Photoshop’s basic tools.
2. How to retouch and blend photos.
3. How to work with layers
4. How to edit and format text.

You have been hired as a graphic designer for a famous Movie Studio. Your first project is to come up with a movie poster design for the next big SUPERHERO OR SCIENCE FICTION blockbuster similar to the movie posters below:

Use what you have learned so far in this class to create a SuperHero or SciFi movie poster by combining 2 or more images into one seamless and credible design given a PhotoShop (.PSD) movie poster template file (shown below).

1. MODIFY the template file PROVIDED (SEE ATTACHED FILE CMST325-P1-Movie-Poster-Template-v1.PSD).The template file includes the poster background and text.

2. COMBINE 2 or more images together using layers and use them to create a design that is realistic in appearance and that meets your supervisor’s requirements (listed in the Project Description).

3. Come up with a fictitious movie (do not copy an existing movie). Create a new SuperHero or Science Fiction character or place an existing one into a brand new movie concept.

4. Edit the template text to include the name of your:
a. Movie Title
b. Movie Subtitle
c. Actors
d. Actresses
e. Producer
f. Writer

NOTE 1:You can move the text around and change the format but make sure you include all the movie poster elements included in the template.

Submission Requirements
Please submit the following to your Assignments Folder:
1. The completed Photoshop (.PSD) file. Do not merge the layers together.
2. The individual images (2 or more) used to complete your poster design.
3. A JPG version of the completed project.
4. Submit a Project Reflection (see details below).
5. Include all of the fonts used.

Project Reflection
Answer the following questions when you submit your assignments files.
a. Did you select a Superhero or Science Fiction Movie?

b. Describe your movie and provide the plot or story line (What happens in the movie)?

c. Where did you find your images (include URL if image was downloaded from the Internet)?

d. What modifications did you make to the images (describe what you did to complete the assignment)?

e. What software applications did you use to complete your project?

f. What fonts did you use to complete your project?

g. What issues or challenges did you face completing this project?

Please submit as a Microsoft Word document.


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