I need help with my week 1 Business Statistics discussion

  • Part B (This part needs 150 words): In the textbook, §1.8 discusses “Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice” and promotes the idea that we should strive to be ethical in all that we do.
  • After reading that book section, read this article: https://www.datapine.com/blog/misleading-statistics-and-data/
    • Make a list of the ways that data can be misused according to the article. Give a one or two sentence explanation of each of these ways.
    • As you just read, graphs can be misleading. We are going to be making a LOT of graphs in this class, so it is important to understand how to present data clearly and accurately. We are going to learn what to do (the book gives good advice) and contrast it with what NOT to do. Go to https://getdolphins.com/blog/the-worst-graphs-of-2017/ When you have finished looking at this, list five things that you promise to NEVER do in making graphs and what you will do instead.
    • Are bad graphs considered unethical? Why or why not?

Hint : To keep response post scores high, make sure you go beyond saying hello and turn the post’s focus to unethical use of statistics.

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