I need help with these 3 questions

Please help me finish these 3 questions. Please use font Arial size 12 and double space.

1) The country of Australia is a major wine producer and exporter. One of their key success stories has been the US. Their success was not unplanned, there was a lot of work by the wine industry in Australia to enter the US market.

Research what went on in this process and provide a short overview of what actions they took, and decisions made about marketing that helped in their success.

What resources were brought to bear that assisted Australian wine producers in their efforts.

What opinions do you have on how the whole process went and how it might help you in the future

2) Gerber Foods (most of us ate their food when we were in diapers) tried to enter Africa. They failed initially.

Please describe the issues, what went wrong. What might have they done to not have this problem.

How could they have prevented this. Be sure to understand when (date wise) this happened and what tools were available then.

Are there other baby food companies (or infant nourishment products) that did have success?

Lots of information available on this out there so be sure to put YOUR opinions in here, not just parrot what others say.

Creativity counts here.

3) What is the difference between AND and OR operators and why do we care about them. When might you use them and for what purpose.

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