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please see the attachment power point. its same conecpt of the first project you helped me with this time its different company. i need your help with the last slide which is summary. i also want you to go through it and see if i should add one more slide. and also i would need the 3 questions at the end

please feel freee to ask any questions

VIII.Best/Worst Practices Presentation:

As a formal method of having you contribute in class, you will group into teams of 3-4 and present on a selected service organization. Your goal will be to identify best or worst practices of the company in a 10 minutes presentation. Some of you will focus on companies that have done very well and others will focus on those that have made significant mistakes.The presentation should include:

  • A short company profile?
  • What they look for in new management hires?
  • Specific strategies/practices they have implemented that are Positive (Best) or negative (Worst). Please be specific. Ex. “Consistently strives to improve shareholder profit” vs. “Conducts a yearly efficiency audit to identify specific areas of waste.” Don’t just tell us what they do, tell us how they do it!
  • Summary sentence or two about what makes them successful
  • Email to me with slides and 3 medium difficulty test questions. These questions should NOT be shared with other students as they will be used on your exam. This is considered cheating.
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