I Will Pay For The Following Article Schizophrenia Is A Disease The Work Is To B

I will pay for the following article Schizophrenia is a Disease. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. A patient who has been diagnosed with untreated schizophrenia finds himself having a distraught form of thinking mindset developing in him as well as he starts to find his brain having hallucinations and delusions which are not there in the real world for him. These hallucinations are in the form of an auditory nature. [Keltner, 1996] Thus schizophrenia not only takes over the cognition side of the patient but also contributes, though in a negative manner, towards the emotional and behavioral psychology of the patient. It is for this reason that schizophrenia entails all three aspects related to cognition, emotion and indeed the ultimate behavior of the patient under the mental disorder. [Cohen, 2002]

With the passage of time, there has been a lot of debate as to whether schizophrenia is indeed described by the adequate diagnosis in the first place or there is something else that goes into making the necessary history of the disease. This could also mean that the schizophrenia disease could lead to a number of other but related disorders and hence all said and done, this is one malaise which is sure to inject much debate and confusion as well, in the times to come.

The diagnosis of schizophrenia is based on the experiences which the patient himself shares with someone and it is after that that the psychiatrist looks for some certain signs in the patient that he can confirm the availability of the said disease within him. This can also be detected by a clinical psychologist or a clinician for that matter. Biological tests do not make up for the certain cause of this disease and thus it gives emphasis on the fact of its unrelated link with the said field of medical science. However, an interesting observation that comes under its diagnostic heading lies in the fact that schizophrenia can have genetic relationship with the parents, the ancestors or the predecessors in the family.