I will pay for the following essay Boston Tea Party. The essay is to be 6 pages

I will pay for the following essay Boston Tea Party. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
This one single act is still quite clear in the minds of many Americans and is continuously taught in the educational institutes. This single event was regarded as the Boston Tea Party and is recognized as one of the main events that finally led to American Revolution that took place during the period of 1775 (Ayers, 2009).
The event of Boston Tea Party can be said to be one of the responses to the war that took place during 1754 to 1763 and the war occurred between the French and the Indians. Several wars had taken place between the nation of France and England, but the war between the French and the Indians was the most expensive of all (Allison, 2007). The English government was of the idea that since they were at war to safeguard the colonists of America from their Native as well as Canadian French friends, the colonists should reimburse the expenses. They even believed that more money will be spent in order to protect the Western frontier and they planned to pay all these expenses by heavily taxing the colonists. But the colonists believed that it was a waste to pay for all these expenses.
Since the English government wanted the natives to pay for the cost of protecting the frontier and to relieve themselves from the national debt, they passed several acts and levied several taxes on the colonists during the era of 1760s (Volvo, 2012). These acts included the Stamp Act that was passed during 1765 and as a result of this act taxes were levied on any form of paper that was used by the natives (Volvo, 2012). These taxes were never accepted by the colonists and to stop the government from obtaining these taxes, they started threatening those who collected taxes and even held various protests with huge amount of people. These protests and acts to make the British government stop taxing the colonists were quite well organized and constant pursuit provided them fruitful results as the English government had to back away. Due to

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