I will pay for the following essay Connection between e Kenzaburs 1994 Nobel Lit

I will pay for the following essay Connection between e Kenzaburs 1994 Nobel Literature Prize acceptance speech (Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself) in terms of its relationship to Kawabata Yasunaris 1968 Nobel Literature Prize acceptance speech (Japan, the Beautiful, and. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
68-76). It also sought to show the beautiful Japanese literature. The speech by Oe titled ‘Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself’ on the hard addresses the political issue facing Japan and the place and role of writers in global humanistic literature. He also discusses the principle of non-militarization of Japan (Oe, pp. 118-123). Kawabata speech is more localized to Japan while the speech by Oe shows a lot of interest in the need for Japan writers to influence global literature. The reason the speech by Oe cannot be said to be a response to Kawabata’s is purely that the two addresses two different issues. The two speeches are, therefore, different and distinguishable, and I find little connection in them. The speech by the two is, therefore, different though Oe can be said to abhor localized literature advanced by Kawabata (Oe, pp. 118-123).
Oe Kenzaburo Message in his acceptance speech, Oe addressed with energy the type of literature that Japan writers ought to engage in. First, he identifies what kind of writers he associates with and what kind of a writer he will always be. His message is that Japanese writers should remain steadfast to addressing the Japan’s problem of associating itself with the West both socially and culturally rather than to the Asian countries where it is. He calls the association an ambiguity of Japan that he says ought to be. He also conveys the message that post second world war writers ought to try and write of the reconciliation of Japan with the rest of the world for its fateful participation in committing atrocities during the war period. He also seeks to emphasize the need for a writer to try to address the disparity in development between the Japan the west on one-hand and Africa and Latin America countries. Oe also talks against militarization of Japan and says that Japan ought to adhere to the principle of permanent peace (Oe, p.123).
Further, he also tries to

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