I will pay for the following essay Critical Analysis: Reading Journal on The Roo

I will pay for the following essay Critical Analysis: Reading Journal on The Roots of War. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
the roots of war may be insufficient to explain this phenomenon, and persuade her readers to accept the fact that the root of war is war itself—the “epidemicity” of war. In this essay, Ehrenreich actually argues that war cannot be explained simply by biological factors such as genetics, the innate predisposition to violence and slaughter or to the “pop-female” explanation of testosterone — given that war is too complex and too collective to be explained on such grounds (Ehrenreich 598-599). On th
e contrary, Ehrenreich argues that the root of war is war itself, wherein the “epidemicity” of war actually creates and molds how societies come into place. From the main topic of this essay, and as well as how it is presented, it can clearly be seen that the author is directing the essay to social scientists—specifically, to scholars in the social sciences who are studying the sociology of war and societies. From the nature of the essay, being a scholarly one, it is very clear that the author uses formal diction, as can be seen in the following quote: “But those who study war dispassionately, as a recurrent event with no moral content, have observed a current mathematical pattern: that of epidemicity, or the tendency of war to spread in the manner of an infectious disease” (Ehrenreich 599). Again, with the essay being scholarly in nature, and with the essay focusing on theoretical, analytical arguments using sound, scientific evidences, it can be seen that the narrative is dominantly written in a serious intellectual tone. With regards to rhetorical modes, the author actually used two common modes: exposition (also known as expository writing) and argumentation (also called persuasive writing). While the author tried to explain and analyze the conventional explanations for the roots of war, she also argued on what is the right explanation on the roots of war. The author organized the essay according to the following outline: I. Introduction. II. The

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