I will pay for the following essay Personal Plan. The essay is to be 2 pages wit

I will pay for the following essay Personal Plan. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Such a culture would provide room for innovation and creativity. The work schedule in such a culture would be convenient and suitable for individual employees. An ideal workplace culture would be the one in which goals, jobs, and expectations are clear. The management would be considerate and there would not be clashing demands.
The culture would provide a supportive environment and encourage personal development and feedback. It would be a stable environment and one that provides for recognition of effort and celebration of success. Employees would enjoy working in such a workplace (Lawler & Thye, 2006).
I think there is a relationship between effective study habits and techniques and being successful in such work cultures. Motivating oneself to study by setting goals would inculcate personal discipline that is crucial for success in the workplace. Timetabling or charting one’s time usage teaches how to manage, effectively, time even when in the workplace. Effective listening skills are useful to students and they go a long way to determining how the individual will get along with seniors and colleagues in the workplace. Participating in-group discussions equips individuals with skills necessary for teamwork that is an important factor influencing success at the workplace. Taking breaks is an effective study technique, is also needed for success in the workplace because it allows individuals to reenergize and refresh, and prevents burn out (Lawler & Thye, 2006).
My blind spots help me identify how it would feel working in a particular workplace. Some workplaces elicit strong negative reactions while others elicit strong positive reactions. I consider working in the latter and avoid the former. One of my strengths is optimism and I consider working in a place that will help me live positively. Self-motivation is my strength and I look forward to working in a

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