I will pay for the following essay Psychological effects of regular participatio

I will pay for the following essay Psychological effects of regular participation in sport. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
It is, indeed, a much needed element in the contemporary lifestyle where people are constantly occupied with technology and merely find any time for sports. While the trend of going to the stadiums to watch matches live has increased over the years, common people are increasingly abandoning sports because of their busy schedules. Regular participation in sports has many positive effects on an athlete’s psychology including a generally positive approach to life, improved social skills, and a sense of achievement whereas the possible negative psychological effects include extreme physical consciousness.
Regular participation in sports invokes a liking for a healthy lifestyle in the athlete. Being able to participate in sports regularly, achieve goals through physical exertion, and have the sense of achievement regularly are all abilities that make the athlete feel different from others in a good way. One of the sports participants reflected upon his motivation to do sports regularly in these words, “I just like winning. I take part because I want to win and that motivates me. I want to do well and play as well as I can play and see how far [team name] can get” (Jowett and Felton, 2013). Gradually, athletes tend to prolong the same effect in every aspect of their life. It takes some time but eventually, many athletes experience a radical change in their overall lifestyle for the better. They maintain better personal hygiene. They sleep regularly. A very obvious change takes place in their eating habits. In their passion to live a healthy lifestyle, these athletes make good choices in food. they avoid consuming foods loaded with fats and calories and substitute them with more nutritious and healthy alternatives like fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of these athletes like eating vegetables even if they do not have a particular liking for their taste. eating vegetables, to them, is more about living healthy than relishing the

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