I will pay for the following essay Roles and responsibilities of community healt

I will pay for the following essay Roles and responsibilities of community health. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Employers should therefore pay people enough money so that the issue of money is off the table.
. Autonym involves one being allowed to do something in their own way as long as they produce good results. The urge for better understanding of skills motivates a person to work harder. Extra ordinary conditions are often brought about by having a purpose to achieve a certain goal and hence making people have purpose for something is much more important than monetary motivation.
Ken Robinson argues that the current system of education has failed in creating creativity among the students. He indicates that academic inflation is being caused by people not giving value to whatever they study which he terms as ‘shifting beneath or feet. Schools have turned into institutes of constructing hypothetical careers rather than skills that one can measure. He observes that in the recent days people are studying various careers but fail to apply them in life and become completely different people. Ken believes that children have innovative capacity and talents that are squandered ruthlessly by schools. The education system has focused on more on science and humanities leaving behind art that is a subject that exercises the child’s creativity.
According to me his hypothesis is very true, and most of our talents fade away with time. While in primary school I was an excellent in painting but when as my level of education goes higher, attention has shifted to science and thus my little talent has faded away. No teacher has motivated me on making a career out of painting and even my parents focus more on me having a different career rather than in my talent.
Digitization of the world has led to changes in the academic sector some of which include softcopy notes and virtual schooling. One can attend classes at the comfort of their homes that are convenient to many people. Virtual schooling gives people a

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