I will pay for the following essay Slavery/Civil Rights. The essay is to be 3 pa

I will pay for the following essay Slavery/Civil Rights. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
In addressing this, the paper will provide some examples from the movie “12 Years a Slave.”
Economic activities are the main contributing factors for the practice of slavery in the society today. It is as a result of the economic activities that many Africans are abducted and sold to other nations to provide cheap labor. This assertion is well evidenced by what takes place in the movie ’12 Years a Slave”. According to the story provided by the movie, the practice of plantation farming by Europeans as a result of the demand of the economic uplift contributed significantly to the rise in demand for workforce. It is as a result of this that Solomon Northup. a free black man from New York was abducted and sold to slavery. In addition to this, it is evident that the demand for more production contributes to the oppression of slaves so that they can be more productive. For instance, Patsey and Patt (Solomon) are whipped by their masters so that they can carry out their respective roles effectively. Additionally, the movie expounds on the reasons as to why oppressed employees are moved from one master to another in some societies today. For example, the storyline of the movie shows how Epp leased his slaves to another plantation owner, Judge Turner. From this, one can deduce that employers perpetuate slavery by shifting their employees to places where they can be oppressed instead of setting them free.
As it was introduced above, politics also perpetuates slavery. It is as a result of politics that there is significant variation between different races in the society. In support of this claim, the movie “12 Years a Slave” expounds on how racism was highly practiced in the American society in early 1840s. Majority of the blacks were disregarded by the blacks in many activities. for instance, the movie expounds on how Solomon, a blackt enjoyed freeness in America in that time. However, his abduction expounds on

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