I will pay for the following essay We Googled You Case Assignment. The essay is

I will pay for the following essay We Googled You Case Assignment. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
acquire the high ended rich clients in the three main cities in the China where people are known to be rich enough to purchase their designer products. This can only be achieved through finding ways to penetrate the Chinese market and be accepted by the Chinese people in order to excel.
The goals and objectives of the company are clear and they all point towards the direction of infiltrating Chinese market and establishing their products there. The only way it can accomplish this goal and the ones mentioned above is by having a team of experts on Chinese culture and their business market in order to smooth the way for their entry as well as help in establishing the best strategic locations to set up their stores in the three suggested Chinese cities.
The main issue that has raised questions and needs a decision and a quick one for that matter is on the matter of Mimi and her information on the internet. Mimi is a very qualified team member for the Chinese market entry and her input is highly necessary if the takeover is to be without hitches as her experience of China together with her Chinese education can come in handy. The only problem is that eight years ago, Mimi was involved in non-violent demonstrations between the Chinese and the American government and this information was uploaded on Google and was found by the Human Resource Manager.
The first alternative is for Fred who is the CEO and the HR manager to call Mimi back and ask her to explain about the information on Google in order to get clarification. The other alternative is for them to assume the whole issue as it happened eight years ago and sweep it under the rag and still hire Mimi for the position in the China team. Lastly, they can regard the matter heavily and not hire Mimi as it will bring bad publicity to the company since anybody can find the information online and it can lead to them losing their business in the long run or affect market relations especially with the Chinese.

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