In Traditional Asian Culture The Family Unit Is Privileged Over The Needs Of The

In traditional Asian culture, the family unit is privileged over the needs of the individual. “The individual is seen as the sum of all the generations of his or her family” (Lee & Mock, 2005, p. 274). Further, “marriages are arranged by parents or grandparents to ensure family prosperity and propagation of the husband’s family line” (Lee & Mock, 2005, p. 274). Another important point to consider is “The primary relationship is more likely to be the parent-child dyad, rather than that of the husband-wife” (p. 274). How does this worldview influence your approach to helping an Asian couple or family? Support your assertions with the professional literature reviewed this week in the course.

Lee, E. & Mock, M. (2005). Asian Families. In M. McGoldrick, J. Giordano, N. Garcia-Preto, (Eds.), Ethnicity & Family Therapy. New York: The Guilford Press

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