Information Technology 158

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I have an assignment, so please follow the requirement and please do own words . please please don’t copy and no plagiarism.

This assignment has two parts that should in total be 2 -3 pages. (More is fine if you run over. It can be double spaced but use 12pt font – Times New Roman, or something similar)

Part 1: Explain briefly how search engines work (in general).

Part 2: Find 1 research article related to search engine technology and summarize. (It could also be an article related to agents and search engines or text retrieval). The research article should be from a research conference or journal.

You may come across lots of mathematical formulas regarding how to rank search results, but no need to explain all of this in part 1 (unless you want). extra spaces, headings, title pages, diagrams and long citations will not count toward your page length requirement.

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