Information Technology In Hospitality And Tourism Research Design Program

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APA Format

Research More than 3 nearest Article

For your term project, you will research and compose an original research paper based upon your choice of topics.

1. You will need to choose a topic area: Lodging, Food Service, Event Planning, Casino, or Travel, then choose either 2a or 2b:

2. a.) Research, select and support your decision on the three (3) leading software programs available.

  • Present your comprehension of the functions of the software.
  • Include a comparison of features, functions, benefits, and implications.
  • Use charts and graphs where applicable.
  • Present your comprehension of the advances of the technology.
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses.


b.) Research, select and describe the three (3) most significant, recent technological advances.

Describe the long-term and short-term implications

Detail is on the Drop File Word Folder, More than 700 Words.

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