Informative Speech 26

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By this week’s deadline, you must watch and evaluate three informative student presentations. Go to and enter the search term “student informative speech.” Find three speeches that you’d like to watch from the thousands that are available.

Please realize that while the students that you choose for these questions will NOT see these answers, your comments should still be as constructive as possible. For each critique, be sure to provide a complete link of the video you watched along with numbered answered to the questions below.

Answer the following questions about EACH speech (please number each answer!):

1. What is the attention getter of the speech? Was it effective? Why or why not?

2. What was the full thesis statement of the speech? Did the speaker do a good job making this clear within the first minute of the speech?

3. What were the main points of the speech in order? Were these easy to pick out? Why or why not?

4. What kind of transitions did the speaker use? Were they effective?

5. Describe some information that your speaker introduced from an outside source. Did the speaker provide enough details so you knew you could trust their source materials?

6. How did the speaker provide closure in his/her speech? Was the ending effective? Why or why not?

7. What did this student do to make this speech relevant to an average community college student? What could s/he have done better?

8. What, if any, new information did you discover by listening to this speech? List at least three things that were mentioned that you found memorable.

9. Describe your interpretation of the overall delivery of the speech. What were the speaker’s strong and weak points and why? (Don’t focus on the technical aspects of this video such as video-audio being out of sync.)

10. What do you believe should be the overall grade for that speech (number/letter grade)? Please explain your answer. If you deducted points, explain why you deducted those points.

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