Informed Consent 4

Question Description

As part of the process, the informed consent form needs to include a description of what the study involves, including risks and benefits, if the study is confidential, and how the study data is used.

The assignment will include three parts:

(1) Identification of a topic you would be interested in studying and how it could be studied scientifically.

(2) Identification of the APA ethical principles and description of how your study could conform them.

(3) Creating a consent form that could be used with your study idea.

Use the template below to answer the questions for Part 1 and Part 2. Then, for Part 3, create a sample informed consent form to conduct a study that is of interest to you.

Course Outcome

PS300-1: Apply the scientific method to the field of psychology.

PS300-2: describe the application of the American Psychological Association code of ethics to the field of psychology.

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