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Critical infrastructure and key resources are the make up of every country. To be more specific, they are the essential elements of comfortable survival. These elements include water treatment facilities, transportation, electricity facilities, water dams, and agriculture. All of these elements are greatly significant for everyone’s lives and for our national security. The method to destroy an adversary is to weaken their resources, and if someone were to do that to the United States, there would be chaotic repercussions due to the outage of these resources. For instance, when hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the lack of potable water and the lack of electricity deemed the island in the state of national emergency.

The only experience I have that has anything to do with infrastructure is at a small scale and not at a national level. I have been responsible for setting up transportation for individuals, food, waste, etc. In the even that I did not do my job, unnecessary waste would have accumulated causing the work space to not be “habitable.” Or leaving troops without transportation would have made the entire mission collapse without the presence of required personnel. As far as a personal interest in infrastructure, I have always found it interesting how different elements come together in order to form a functioning society. In addition, my current job in the military is key to observing and protecting key infrastructure of the United States. This class will be extremely beneficial to my personal and professional development.

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