Injury And Violence Powerpoint

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My classmates and I were assigned group project. To choose an indicator from the healthy people 2020.

Our topic is Injury and Violence

For my portion you to make a power point using the information on 2 papers Studypool has already written.

I do not need sources because I already have them. I just need the papers broken down in to slides.

I will upload both papers for you to breakdown into slides

I will also post a picture of the assignment to get clear understanding of the assignment but i only need the following done:

-8 slides for Part One: 1. A description of the indicator : a. Definition, b. demographics- who is affected

-5 slides for Part One: 3. Discuss any socioeconomic, cultural, psychosocial issues surrounding the indicator

It is crucial that you get most of the information from the papers into the slides

The powerpoint must have a balanced flow.

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doneseen22 hours ago

i need it done by tomorrow 5pm

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