Installing And Deploying Applications 2

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Installationand updates of software applications can consume considerable time. Softwarevendors face challenges in software distribution and often turn to Internetsolutions to provide their customers with readily available, easy-to-usesoftware installations and updates. Network administrators face similarchallenges within corporate network environments and can utilize many of thesame techniques for software deployment.

Overthe next 12 months, your company will be installing several new internally developedsoftware applications and upgrading several others. You have been assigned thetask of planning the deployment of these applications throughout the network.Your task for this project is to develop a software deployment plan with afocus on how scripting can be used to minimize the labor required to completethe deployments. The tasks you will plan for are as follows:

  • Provide allusers on the network the ability to download and install SoftwareApplication A, Software Application B, and Software Application C, whichare new, internally developed applications that have never been installedon any of the network workstation computers. Users should only be allowedto download Application A if they are in the Sales or Marketingdepartments, Application B if they are in Engineering or IT, orApplication C for all others. Users who elect to download the softwaremust first have their system checked to make sure it has at least 2 GB ofmemory and 250MB of free disk space, then successful installations must berecorded in a network-based database.
  • Determine whichusers on the network do not have the latest version (3.0) of internallydeveloped Software Application D. E-mail users in need of the update,providing them with a download link where they can install the update.Record successful updates in a network-based database.

Theproject deliverables are:

  • Prepare adocument to submit your work:
    • Use MicrosoftWord.
    • Title page
      • Course numberand name
      • Project name
      • Student name
      • Date
    • Task 1:Software installation:
      • Identify eachsubtask.
      • Discuss if andhow scripting can be used to help complete each subtask.
      • Selectappropriate scripting languages for subtasks that can be scripted, andjustify your selection.
    • Task 2: Softwareupdate:
      • Identify eachmajor subtask.
      • Discuss if andhow scripting can be used to help complete each subtask.
      • Selectappropriate scripting languages for subtasks that can be scripted, andjustify your selection.
    • Providewell-documented source code for at least 1 of the subtasks for Task 1 orTask 2.

In 300 words

One ofthe most time-consuming activities for system administrators is installing andupdating software throughout a network. Software is updated on a regular basis,and new software is implemented in businesses regularly. Software deployment isa great place to implement scripts, and as a member of your IT group, you havebeen asked to help find some scripts or scripting tools that will help yourcompany with future software deployment tasks.

  • Use the Libraryand Internet to find information about scripts or scriptingtools to assist in network or Internet deployment and installation ofsoftware applications.
  • Select at least2 scripts or scripting tools for your discussion:
    • Describe scriptor scripting tool.
    • Discuss themain functionality or features of the script or scripting tool.
    • Identify ascenario where each script or scripting tool would be appropriate to use,and justify your response.
  • Include at least1 reference to research sources.
  • Cite allreferences using APA format.
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