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Part 1 of the assignment: I have uploaded pages from the reading to complete this assignment. First, you will create a powerpoint (or bulletin points to layout the important parts of the section). the first slide will discuss the first part of the reading about Critical Reflection. (I would label this slide “What is Critical Reflection?”) The second powerpoint slide or bulletin points would be labeled “Benefits of Critical Thinking” from the second part of the reading section. There should be at least 4 bulletin points on each slide. Part 2 of the assignment: Also, there should be a brief explanation about each important bulletin point but not on the powerpoint slide. Below is what also need to be discussed.

The focus of this assignment should be how to integrate the particular learning leadership trait into the current placementsetting. What would this leadership style look like in the placement setting (Social ork intern at the VA (Veteran Affairs))? What are the limitations?Opportunities? Can you imagine yourself as this type of leader? Are there leaders in your agency whodemonstrate this learning leadership characteristic?

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