Intro to marketing | Marketing homework help


Here are the topics for the discussion board. You will only need to choose one point to discuss. 

OPTION 1 – With the rise of cloud computing technology, marketing is becoming more and more data-driven. Marketing technology presents a bewildering choice of software services for businesses looking to improve their management of digital media. Why is this software so important and what kind of insights can companies gain from using it? How is this technology changing how businesses can interact with their customers? How might data security change how this kind of software is used in the future?  

OPTION 2 – What roles do visual aesthetics and design play in advertising? As people start to shop more online, user-friendly technology is becoming more important. What are some features that bother you when shopping online? Describe the importance of user interfaces? Quibi is an example of an online streaming company that has specifically modified its shows to be watched on a mobile device by making the run times shorter and allowing the user to be able to choose between different screen orientations. Can you think of another example of a company that has done something similar?

OPTION 3 – What makes influencer marketing more advantageous than traditional advertising methods? What are the downsides? How might influencer marketing change? Think from both the perspective of the company, the influencer, and customers. Support answer with examples where possible.

For each initial post, you need to use 1 external reference AND one reference from the textbook information to support your content. 

For each response, you need to use 1 external reference OR one reference from the textbook information to support your content.