ITS530 Analyzing and Visualizing Data

Job Title: SAP Consultant
ITS530 Analyzing and Visualizing Data
ITS531 Business Intelligence
ITS532 Cloud Computing
ITS 631 Operational Excellence
ITS632 Introduction to Data Mining
150 Words each subject
Sample Course Explantion:
ISOL534 Application Security – This course, which expanded his knowledge base about securing the software applications that he is working on to a great extent. This course helps him in identifying the vulnerabilities of the applications at the designing level and implement the changes in the implementation strategy. This position deals with analyzing and evaluating the requirements in the implementation of key IT projects and initiatives as they pertain to the organization’s long-term security strategy. As there are many malware attacks happening across the US, it is very important to protect an individual’s data and secure them from any security breaches. The knowledge gained during course helps in exploring the software lifecycle and change control to reduce the probability of poorly written applications that allows an attacker to exploit coding errors.
Sample SOP on MBA: Need SOP on MSIT
Pursuing an MBA is useful for Deepak’s day-to-day work, which makes him a more effective team player, providing valuable knowledge in accounting, finance, and strategy, and helping him prepare for a new role. It helps business drivers and leverage, accelerates business, and increases revenue. Finding an MBA will help him get into senior positions, offer more pay and higher income potential, provide better problem-solving skills in difficult situations, and accelerate career improvement. Cultivate high-level professionals in his field and emphasize the concept of management practice.

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