Java (linked list) assignment | Computer Science homework help


Question 1: Top Ten Gamers:

Implement a class that maintain a list of the top ten games in a video game. An entry on the list contains the name of the gamer and the score of the gamer. The list is kept sorted in descending order (highest score as first node and lowest score as the last node in the list).

Design a class based on a linked list (singly or doubly linked list is fine). The class should have a constructor that sets up an empty list, and a void method called insert to insert a player with a score to a proper location of the list so that the list stays sorted. The list should have a maximum size of 10 to hold up to 10 players.

After the list is full, any insertion of new player to the list needs to make sure after insertion the list keeps the top 10 gamers (that means after insertion the 11th gamer must be removed).

Write a demo program to test the class.

Requirements: Submit the link of the program

Question 2: Page 1242 Q5 Wedding Lottery (user interface not needed)

Please note that you need to submit two links. You can copy and paste the two links in a .txt/.docx file and upload the file. You can also submit the second link as comments in the assignment submission.